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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: How long is my marriage license good for?

A New York marriage license is good for 60 days and the waiting period is 24 hours.

A New Jersey marriage license is good for 30 days and the waiting period is 72 hours. 

For more information consult the New York City Marriage Bureau or the New Jersey Department of Health. 

FAQ 2: Do you officiate LGBTQ+ weddings?

As a parent with two LGBTQ+ children, I wholeheartedly support and officiate LGBTQ+ weddings. Love knows no bounds, and every couple deserves the opportunity to celebrate their commitment to each other, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

FAQ 3: Can you help us write our vows?

Absolutely, I'd be honored to help you write your vows! Crafting personalized vows that truly capture your love and commitment is a special part of the wedding process. Let's start by discussing your relationship, what makes it unique, and any specific promises or sentiments you'd like to include. Together, we'll create vows that reflect your personalities and the depth of your love for each other.

FAQ 4: Do you incorporate cultural traditions and/or religious beliefs in your ceremonies?

Yes, absolutely. Coming from a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic family, I deeply respect and appreciate all cultures and religions. In crafting your ceremony, I'm more than happy to incorporate cultural traditions and religious beliefs that are meaningful to you both. Your wedding ceremony should reflect your identities, values, and the rich tapestry of your backgrounds. Let's work together to create a ceremony that honors and celebrates your unique heritage and beliefs.

FAQ 5: Will you marry us in a public park?

Certainly! I've done many weddings in public parks, and I am more than happy to officiate your wedding ceremony in a public park. Nature's beauty can provide a stunning backdrop for your special day, creating a serene and unforgettable atmosphere. Please bear in mind that depending upon the location and the number of people that you plan to have at your wedding you may need a permit. For more information, consult New York City's Wedding in the Park website. 

FAQ 6: Can family or friends take part in the ceremony?

Absolutely! Your wedding ceremony is a celebration of your love, and involving family and friends can make it even more meaningful. Whether it's through readings, rituals, or other special roles, incorporating your loved ones into the ceremony can add depth and significance to the moment. Let's discuss how you envision including your family and friends, and I'll help tailor the ceremony to reflect your desires and honor those closest to you.

FAQ 7: Do you recommend vendors such as florists, DJ's and photographers?

es, certainly! I'm here to assist you in creating a seamless and magical wedding experience, and part of that includes recommending trusted vendors such as florists, DJs, and photographers. I can provide suggestions based on your preferences and budget, ensuring you have a dream team of professionals to bring your vision to life. Additionally, if you're seeking recommendations for bands or venues, I'm more than happy to provide guidance in those areas as well. Together, we'll build a network of vendors and resources to make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

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